M-Pole (Standard)

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Extension pole to enable Mounty and Mounty Major Heads to be used up to 4.2m above ground level

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A Mounty Pole is used in conjunction with either a Mounty Head (for the CP60) or a Mounty Major Head (for the CP800) to place Corner Protectors on to loaded pallets without the need to climb onto truck or trailer bodies. The Pole allows Corner Protector placement at up to 4.2m from the ground when being used by an average height operator. The Pole itself extends to 2.4m and reduces to 1.2m when closed.

Mounty Poles are made from aluminium and durable glass fibre which, together with a Mounty Head made from Nylon 6, affords some protection when falling to the ground compared with metal equivalents. The Mounty and Mounty Major feature of a standard ACME screw thread means that both can be attached to this pole as well as other commercially available equipment used at height such as vehicle washing and commercial window cleaning equipment etc.

The pole enables operators to remain compliant with DVSA requirements, meeting working at height legislation, speeding up load securement and avoiding the cost of loading platforms or ladders. This also means lower chances of claims from 3rd parties for personal injury, goods or vehicle damage.

Mounty Applicator – Quick How To Guide

Due to excess length shipping charges applying to Mounty poles the minimum charge will be £10 instead of £7.50.  Purchases of poles and other goods totaling over 30kg will be charged shipping at normal Liftlash scale rates.

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Dimensions150 × 10 × 10 cm